In November 2016, Change2020 and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) formed a partnership under the Federal Government’s Innovation Connections initiative, to progress research on an individual’s tolerance of ambiguity (in the work context).  The Innovation Connections initiative supports industry-led collaborations between researchers and small and medium enterprises.

Since November 2016, a comprehensive literature review has been completed in parallel with a factor analysis and review of Change2020 existing tools and data.  These inputs have shaped a pool of questions that are currently being piloted, validated and tested with over 300 respondents.

The data gathered from this process will shape the final tolerance of ambiguity survey; and identify what factors will make the most significant difference to helping people increase their tolerance of ambiguity in the workplace.

It is an exciting time for Change2020 and we would like to thank QUT – Business School for the work completed to date.

Watch this space for further insights and findings and this important research continues.


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