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Change2020 is proud to have partnered with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Business School to conduct research on Tolerance of Ambiguity (TOA) in the workplace. We are pleased to announce that the findings from the research project undertaken, has been accepted at the ‘Creating Uncertainty’ Conference. Peter O’Connor will travel to Switzerland to present the findings from our ambiguity in the workplace research in July 2018.

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Mentoring: Good for Business

Mentoring Young Professionals is Ultimately Good for Business

Over the years, I have met a large diverse group of young professional women who come from a range of backgrounds, industries and jobs. I have chosen to mentor some of these women (or maybe they chose me!) and it has proven to be beneficial for them, for me, and for where they work.

My mentoring work with these young professional women always motivates me; often surprises me and occasionally disappoints me. This range of emotions keeps me on my toes and helps me focus on the importance of working with them to create the future they want.

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Looking Into The Future Workplace and How Organisations Can Adapt

Unsurprisingly, the future workplace will be driven by technology. The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), automation and robotics will dramatically change both the number of jobs available and the skills required to do them.

We are now moving towards a future where machines help humans to process, analyse and evaluate the huge amount of data created. Yes, this will mean that some jobs will become redundant. However, it is important to remember that the ultimate goal here is to allow humans to spend more time engaged in value-adding activities such as strategic thinking, creativity and decision making.

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From technological advancements to regulation review and climate change, water utilities have no shortage of looming uncertainties. It means embracing change through innovation and creativity will be key to staying relevant in future.

Presenting at the upcoming Australian Water Association QWater Conference, Change2020 Director Kerryn Fewster said embracing uncertainty will be crucial to thriving as a water business ahead of disruption.
From technological advancements to regulation review and climate change, water utilities have no shortage of looming uncertainties. It means embracing change through innovation and creativity will be key to staying relevant in future.

Start small; but start.

Gradually Adapting to the Future Workplace

There is much discussion about the future of work but it appears while some organisations are preparing (e.g. creating start-up teams and internal “gig” roles) for a world where artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are prevalent and the norm – others are continuing to operate as always. Change was slow and incremental: now it is rapid, radical and unpredictable.

Failing to look over the horizon could cost businesses their livelihood and people their jobs. (Think about organisations that no longer exist e.g. Borders, Polaroid and Blockbuster).

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QUT – To remain relevant, embrace ambiguity

Change is occurring at a pace unprecedented in history.

For example, the Roman Empire essentially used the same military strategy to create its empire over 700 years with little modification, a successful model that had longevity. By contrast, military technology today is changing at lightning speed. It’s not that long ago that ‘drone warfare’ entered our vocabulary and enabled a ‘pilot’ to sit in an office in Arizona and fly missions anywhere in the world. The next step will be ‘drone warships,’ removing the need to have crewed ships.

Change is no longer a matter of choice. If you fail to change you will be left behind.

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‘Change is not a Gantt Chart’

Over the years of working in the change space, it is not uncommon for Change2020 to be asked by the organisations we partner with, ‘what does your Gantt Chart look like?’, ‘How does your Gantt Chart differ from the other consultancies?’, ‘Are you as sick and tired of producing these as we are reading them?’However, what lies at the heart of sustainable and agile change management is how it is executed. Like anything, it has a discipline about it, and that is how we – as change partners – prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organisational success and outcomes. Jargon aside, what does the research tell us?

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Topping Up My CQ

How I Topped Up My Curiosity Quotient and The Benefits I Got

I have just returned from a long weekend at Boodjamulla National Park (340 km northwest of Mt Isa in Queensland, Australia). The weekend involved a combination of walking; canoeing; boating; learning and meeting new people (as well as a lot of driving on unsealed roads). This was the perfect opportunity to top up my Curiosity Quotient (CQ).

I had found work and life had depleted my CQ. The symptoms of this depletion included: a lack of ideas; reduction in my desire to learn; a leaning towards routine and simple tasks; and a feeling of unease with ambiguous situations. It was time to take action – to “top up my CQ”.

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Find your tribe, Love your tribe!

Finding your tribe, the people who walk to the same beat as you, are the ones who bring out the best in you. They may actually bring out more than you even realise you have.

I am a member of a fabulous tribe of engaging, creative, brave, successful people; my local tribe is in Brisbane, and our tribe is a part of a worldwide tribe that brings amazing people together to share amazing experiences.

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Top Tips for Starting a New Role

Starting a new job can be a little nerve-wracking. No matter how much preparation you have done – that first day can feel a little uncomfortable. Not unlike those brand new black brogues I bought myself for my new role as Consultant – People Performance with Change2020.After a week with Change2020, my new shoes are worn in and I feel I’m part of the team.  It feels like I have known my colleagues for much longer than a week and that I am already contributing to clients and the business.

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