'Bounce Forward' for leadership teams

Design the future; build your resilience levels and choose to ‘bounce forward’

Yes, our Leadership Team want to 'Bounce Forward' into 2021 and would like to arrange one of the 10 complimentary interactive sessions with Kerryn Fewster.

    Our one-hour interactive workshop uses research data and Kerryn's 25 years experience working with leading Australian and global senior leadership teams to help you develop a Bounce Forward plan for you and your team.

    We explore the habits required to better adapt to ambiguity which result in more effective and efficient decision-making, enhanced performance levels, increased creativity and innovation and crucially, an overall improved sense of wellbeing across your team and organisation.


    •You can’t outrun it, you can’t fight it and you can’t hope it will just go away; make change work for you - embrace the ambiguity and uncertainty

    •We have an opportunity to design the future you and your team want and need; build your resilience levels and rather than ‘bounce back’ choose to ‘bounce forward’

    •The definition of resilience is commonly understood to be ‘bounce back from adversity or a setback’, and that suggests a return to how we were before, BUT, that will not be the case, we need to accept that we will never ‘go back’ to life as it was before COVID and that is okand ut


    •A research partnership with Qld University of Technology (QUT) explored why some people have a clearer tolerance of ambiguity than others; as it turns out, those who have higher tolerance levels are enjoying higher levels of wellbeing and performance

    •The problem is, data tells us that less than 10% of leaders have a clear or very clear tolerance of ambiguity. What does that mean for you as a leader, for your people, for your organisation?

    •You have a choice as to how you Bounce Forward as a team; it must be intentional, it must be a shared commitment/approach and it must be collaborative – bouncing forward together is much more powerful than trying to bounce as an individual!

    •Kerryn will be hosting 10 complimentary 1 Hr Bounce Forward Virtual Interactive Sessions for Senior Leadership Teams in 2020 - what could it mean for your team to have a Bounce Forward plan right now?

    •Are you and your senior leadership team ready to Bounce Forward?