Change2020 were approached by a resources industry client to provide them with a solution to leading their people through a large-scale IT integration and upgrade.  The Vendor had produced a plan for the systems changes that were to take place, but this did not provide any guidance or process to the organisation on how their people would be supported and communicated with to ensure the changes to the systems and new ways of working were successfully adopted.

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Great people with great talent choose to work in great organisations. While the definition of ‘great’ can be tricky, it most certainly always includes a culture where values are lived and the purpose of the organisation is clear. At Change2020, we love working with businesses to help them to define their vision, mission and values, we know that when developed with broad and genuine involvement across the business and supported by a strong implementation plan that real cultural change can occur. The case study below maps out a recent project we have delivered.

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Case Study: Leading through Change

Have you even led or been part of a team struggling to lead through change and continue to move forward? It can feel daunting and destined for failure when you don’t have the tools or expertise to support your team. We love success stories and following is an example of how Change2020 successfully took a financial services client on a path from change resistance to change leadership with a sustainable and positive outcome.

Following recent major regulatory change across the finance industry and significant planned internal changes within their business, our client had identified the need to increase the capacity of their line management to lead change within their teams.

The People and Culture General Manager approached Change2020 to facilitate a process to gain understanding and increase the capacity to lead through change and ensure the company was set up for success.

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Getting the People Stuff RIGHT

M&A is one of our three service pillars at Change2020. Our role, quite simply is to get the people stuff right.

A few learnings from our experience:

• Be at the table from day one – due diligence is not just about assets and finances, it is significantly about people. Specifically the risks or barriers surrounding industrial relations, the leadership team capability, the organisational culture, the accepted levels of performance, the people data around absenteeism, productivity levels, accrued leave and other; it is about understanding the talent and mindset of those you are going to acquire or merge with

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Let’s Talk Trust

As a consultant with Change2020, I work with a range of different leaders, in a variety of industry sectors.  Some of the challenges they are grappling with are different, but one thing they are all focussed on is fostering trust.  While it is easy to write and say, it is something that takes time to build and no time to erode.

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Our attitudes impact our ability to thrive in our ambiguous world. It is evident that technology is changing the workplace as we know it; we face higher expectations, faster turnarounds, more unclear objectives and greater competition. Are we equipped to handle this growing ambiguity at any age?

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Trust the values-based currency

Trust is the currency of strong values, successful service delivery and great relationships and organisations are twisting themselves into knots to find out how to empower their employees. Put simply, we at Change2020 work hard to build trust and break down barriers in order to help transform organisations, teams and individuals. However, when the level of expectation between two parties differs it can lead to an inherent conflict of trust that is difficult to overcome. While this may seem straightforward, the question for leaders’ is: do we really demonstrate trust in our people, despite what we say?

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Curiosity – the ingredient for success

Building resilience and curiosity are integral to the delivery of successful change. They embody human and emotive issues and, as a result, create a critical need to focus on mindset in order to establish a foundation for acceptance of change. This involves constantly breaking down mental barriers in order to establish trust and genuine connection, necessitating emotionally intelligent leadership and an adaptive approach to engagement. Adopting an agile mindset and ultimately a questioning culture within teams will drive high performance underpinned by collaboration, innovation and diversity within an organisation. Curiosity is the foundation of an agile mindset; it is a shared way of thinking that drives both personal growth and organisational development by focusing on the ‘why’ in different and often unexpected situations.

One of the principle reasons curiosity is integral to the agile mindset is that often organisations operate in a state of ambiguity. The adage that past behaviour predicts future performance is increasingly outdated. Performance, including commercial success, is not straightforward as many organisations currently working towards new business models would recognise; however, it can still be tempting to interrogate outdated data or hold strong beliefs based on old assumptions. The mind is powerful, and the way in which we frame our perception or expectation from a situation is heavily influenced by our past patterns of thinking and behaviour. Curiosity is a trait that can be learnt, applied and practiced in order to be open to new possibilities, allowing progressive change and evolution in an organisation to unfold.

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With the Christmas period approaching and the impending ‘shutdown’ upon us; many leaders are grappling with the thought of letting go, winding down and ultimately checking out. At Change2020 we too are often enslaved to our digital technologies but are very supportive of #digitaldetox and the overwhelming health benefits that this provides leaders and employees. In a recent article published in “The Conversation” it is a growing trend that people are seeking “digital free” holiday destinations in remote areas to force their hand and put down devices.  So aside from a trip to a glacier on Alaska’s icy shores, with the knowledge of so many different mediums to use for contact-WhatsApp, Instagram and even Facebook- the question is “How does one embark on a “digital free” summer?

Here are 3 quick tips to help you go “dark” this festive season:

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Inside the Black Box: Mergers and Acquisitions

With start-up culture thriving and businesses needing to constantly evolve and think on their feet, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) have become more appealing than ever. Nevertheless, they can present a unique set of challenges on many levels. Under this landscape, two businesses are forming into one entity (merger) or one business is purchasing and taking over the other (acquisition.) The appeal and challenge is in the newness of absorbing a competitor or rebuilding and conducting business optimisation on operations to maximise efficiency, productivity and profit. The fear is in the unknown and the vast desire to move quickly. The answers are all inside the black box.

Where do we find the information we need to make the decision? What do we disclose to the buyer? How much do we share to the potential acquirer? When do we give out the secret sauce?

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