Placement Services


Resourcing, Capability and Delivery

At Change2020, we focus on the people side of change. We partner with leaders and stakeholders to provide the right people to bring their people along where the business wants and needs to go.

As a team, we adapt to suit the change; we have strong and diverse capability in our team and utilise the best people to suit program requirements.  

We are both a contract resourcing company and a change management/ people & culture consultancy, which puts us in a unique position when sourcing highly qualified and experienced candidates for our clients. Our years of expertise and networks developed within these industries ensure that not only do our candidates know who we are, but they actively seek to work for us. Knowing the quality of the contracts and engagements we can offer them, and the ongoing support provided throughout their tenure with us, ensures high levels of engagement and enables us to identify and address any potential issues early on and ensure performance levels remain high. 


We offer resourcing services on a scale of needs, so whatever our clients require, we have a service to suit.

We can provide you with experienced contractors to work as part of your team under your direction, for the time period you need.

We can provide you with individuals or teams of experts to work with you under our managed delivery model, to build your internal capability, develop solutions to achieve your desired outcomes and provide the expertise you need on programs and projects.

When you need a targeted approach to finding the right person for your team, we can apply our robust recruitment process to achieving this for you.

We can work with you exclusively to identify, approach and secure the talent you need for critical or niche positions including search and shortlisting, or managing the full process, partnering with you to ensure the best candidate is selected for the position. 

Our Placement Services Experience.

Our team has extensive expertise in agency and internal recruitment and resource management roles and have led highly successful recruitment functions, set up recruitment divisions and led teams to deliver resourcing solutions for diverse client bases. They are experts in values-based recruitment and have developed and implemented values-based recruitment processes, competency frameworks, behavioural based interview programs including hiring manager interview training, performance management processes and employee value propositions.

The team has worked in companies ranging from global professional services firms, and ASX listed companies to privately owned small businesses, adapting to the unique sourcing and recruitment needs, methodologies and processes. With a focus on professional and executive level positions, they have recruited in professional services, accounting and finance, IT, Human Resources, executive management and project-based roles as well as leading large-scale graduate recruitment campaigns with high levels of success.