Remote Working Tip #5

20 March 2020

Connect with Quality Questions

Having meaningful conversations with your people is an imperative; and there is no doubt that tech takes away some of the natural ‘flow’ of conversations. Being prepared can help to maintain the conversational flow. Certainly talking about tasks and activities is important, however there are a range of other topics that you can ask questions about to not only help them but also to help you. You could:

• Ask about their well-being and what new habits they have put in place to look after both mental and physical well-being
• Ask them if they miss the office or miss their team mates
• Seek feedback on your support and communication as a leader; is it working for them?
• Discuss what your people are learning (about themselves, about using new tech, about communication)

The image above has some quality questions you could ask to get the ball rolling.

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Maree Gardner

Maree has a reputation for distinguishing fad from fact and her ‘no nonsense’ and authentic operating style means she works well with a range of people at all levels across a variety of industries. Energetic and passionate about collaborating with clients while contributing to the achievement of commercial outcomes, Maree partners with companies to grow and improve through people.

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