Human Resources and Industrial Relations

Change2020 – a perspective one year on

Reflecting on one year as a consultant with Change2020 has been a happy experience… it’s hard to believe that it’s ‘only’ been 12 months. For me the year has reinforced that the greatest learning we have is from each other. Although the opportunity in change is...

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Performance Management

Performance management is an act of leadership, not a system. Performance management has become one of the most pivotal features of organisational development in their pursuit of growth – and also one of the most controversial. A system, or not depending on your...

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Gaining a Seat at the Table

HR People – have you earned your seat at the table? We have all heard of the saying ‘gaining a seat at the table’. Recently we have seen this statement attributed to Sheryl Sandberg, the author of Lean In and Facebook Chief Operating Officer; but it has often been...

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