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Great people with great talent choose to work in great organisations. While the definition of ‘great’ can be tricky, it most certainly always includes a culture where values are lived and the purpose of the organisation is clear. At Change2020, we love working with businesses to help them to define their vision, mission and values, we know that when developed with broad and genuine involvement across the business and supported by a strong implementation plan that real cultural change can occur. The case study below maps out a recent project we have delivered.

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It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in the final stage of the weekly shop.  I selected a checkout manned by a young guy (he looked about 12 but I am sure he was older!).  Bradley (his name badge gave him away) was friendly and we undertook the usual pleasantries until something happened.

He started saying something and then he stopped himself.  Being a curious person, I asked him to share what he had been going to say.

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