Support for complex workplace relations matters



The human face of change can be one of the trickiest areas to navigate. Our team will help you develop a comprehensive industrial relations (IR) strategy that provides support for your people during a time of uncertainty, while aligning with your overall business objectives.

Change2020 has extensive experience (circa $50b+ bid value) in the provision of ‘end to end’ people due diligence which includes consideration of the industrial relations landscape, legislation, leadership, culture, organisational design, cost optimisation, remuneration, capability and performance management.

Using a combination of detailed industry knowledge, research, analysis and forecasting, we can map the risks and opportunities and partner with other key bid advisers to identify and assess the business optimisation and cost out potential.



Our workplace relations team has extensive experience in partnering with clients in complex and at times industrial and politically sensitive environments including Sunwater, Stanwell, QR, Powerlink, SEQWater and TMR. They are repeatedly called upon to provide pragmatic advice and management of State Government and Union stakeholders by both private, public and investor clients across all states.

Our Workplace Relations Consultancy services include:

  • Employment Policies and Procedures Reviews
  • Conditions of Employment Audits
  • Independent Contractors Review
  • Remuneration Strategy and Work Evaluation Approach
  • Employment Contracts
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Workplace Compliance Audits
  • Workplace Agreements
  • Workplace Restructuring, Redundancies and Secondments.
  • Employee Performance
  • Employee Engagement and Consultation


Change2020 provides specialist workplace investigation services, from dealing with informal complaints to significant and complex formal investigations, including Whistleblowing. Our consultants have in-depth experience in dealing with complaints from operational to senior executive and board level matters.

We can also provide support and or audit internally conducted workplace investigations providing advice or recommendations to ensure compliance and to determine if internal workplace investigations are sound and will stand up to external scrutiny including legal advisers and unions. Our consultants are also experienced in working under legal professional privilege as we are regularly engaged by internal legal counsel to conduct investigations.

Workplace investigations conducted by Change2020 are fair, impartial, prompt and thorough and our independent workplace investigators are focused on the principles of ‘natural justice’ and ‘procedural fairness’ and sensitive throughout the investigation process. 

We deliver our findings in a detailed written report, which deals with evidentiary matters and provides insight into underlying causes such as lack of governance, performance management, capability, culture, and leadership.