Leadership & Culture

Positive organisational culture and leadership are key ingredients to drive success. Discover how to tap into the potential of every member of your team to develop a culture of high performance.

Leadership Coaching

Great leadership empowers people to be the very best they can be. Just like training elite athletes, leadership coaching is about enhancing performance and taking existing skills and behaviours to the next level. It’s important that the leaders in your organisation understand what drives and motivates their workforce. Equally, astute self-awareness is also critical in order to provide authentic leadership, as it’s impossible to initiate vision if we are blind to our own limitations.    

To help you unlock the leadership potential within your organisation, Change2020 develops bespoke leadership programs that align with your team’s maturity, culture and organisational strategy.

Workplace Culture

The success of any organisation hinges on the nature of its existing workplace culture. An unhealthy culture can weaken an organisation, crippling its effectiveness and profitability, while a robust and healthy culture takes an organisation from strength to strength. But viewing your own workplace culture objectively can be difficult when you are immersed in it day after day. 

Change2020 provides an independent, impartial assessment of your organisation’s culture. We help you identify opportunities for positive transformation and work with you to create a roadmap for long-term behavioural change to support your organisation’s vision for the future.


Executive Coaching

How can you inspire your people to rise to the next level? Using data-driven assessment tools, our expert consultants enable you to build a clear development plan to foster effective leadership within your organisation.

Leadership & Team Development

Create high performance teams by equipping your people with the skills and insight to fulfil their potential. Through facilitated workshops and a series of individual, style and preference assessments, we create development programs and initiatives tailored to the specific needs of your team.

Cultural Transformation

What do you want your organisation to look and feel like? We’ll help you fine-tune your strategic positioning and build the framework required for organic growth, behavioural change and an integrated, energised culture that facilitates enduring corporate transformation.

Case Study on Leadership & Culture

Leadership & Culture: Learn how we helped staff and leaders from 3 council offices create a binding workplace culture after merging into 1 larger council.

Lead your team along the road to success.

Outstanding organisational culture and leadership start at the top. Let us provide your roadmap to success.