Mergers & Acquisitions

The most valuable resource you will acquire in any transaction is the skills, experience and knowledge your potential workforce possess. Our M&A consultants specialise in managing the human face and industrial risk of mergers and acquisitions.

Mergers & Acquisitions Process

Change2020 provide comprehensive support and expertise in transitioning the business and employees through the M&A process.  Our specialist advisory team work with you to formulate due diligence, bid risk analysis and develop a sound people acquisition strategy, right through to integration of transition plans following the successful bid. 

Each stage of the process is planned with meticulous attention to the details. We take due diligence seriously so you can have complete confidence in the data you’re using to inform your decisions and reduce risk.


When dealing with complex industrial and human relations surrounding mergers and acquisitions, you need to know nothing is going to fall through the cracks. It’s essential your team can anticipate and manage any potential issues, keep track of progress and provide sound feedback and advice along the way.

Led by our M&A industrial and workplace relations expert, our M&A advisory team has successfully helped clients in both public and private sectors manage their workforce transitions.


Bid Risk Analysis

When is it time to up the ante, and when is it time to walk away? We dig deep to uncover all the industrial people-specific risks and opportunities involved in mergers and acquisitions, ensuring you receive what you expect at a bid price that’s fair.

Industrial Relations & Workforce Strategy

How do you manage the most important aspect of your merger or acquisition? Your people. We help you navigate through employment contracts, negotiate and manage union representatives and make sure there are no potential breaches of labour laws or exposure to industrial risk.

100 Day Transition Planning

Once the acquisition or merger negotiation is complete, we continue to support you through the transition phase from immediate practical needs, such as operational and workforce planning strategies, to fostering stronger communication and employee engagement for long-term success.

Case Study on Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions: We share how we overcome tight deadlines and strict requirements to help our clients secure finance and the winning bid.

Embrace growth and handle change with ease.

Our M&A consultants are here to help you seal the deal and face the future with confidence.