Case Studies

Case Study on Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions: We share how we overcome tight deadlines and strict requirements to help our clients secure finance and the winning bid.

Investment Consortium

The Challenge

Our client required a business optimisation and workforce management strategy to mitigate risk and generate profit for their equity partners. Time was a factor in developing appropriate strategies, as the relevant state government had set a tight timeframe with strict requirements for due diligence, the bidding process and financial closure for a highly valued asset lease.

We were engaged for this project as we had demonstrated a successful track record in bidding, due diligence, transition, change management and IR strategic advice to consortium partners and investment banks.

The Process

Based on our previous success with a merger and acquisition of this kind, we used strategies and techniques that had already been proven. This included IR and workforce management due diligence analysis, supporting risk mitigation strategy development, transition planning, first 100-day planning, IR strategy and change management planning. The methods and analysis we used provided our client with an established, verified approach that could be used for future sales and investments.

The Outcome

The investment consortium was successful in acquiring funds from international banks, winning the final bid and achieving a successful transition. All due diligence, workforce strategy reports, bank debt report and presentations were achieved in a tightly controlled and testing environment.

The Key Highlights

We were pleased to deliver a favourable outcome for our client in trying conditions. Subsequently, they have invited us to partner on future M&A opportunities.

Case Study on Change & Transformation

Change & Transformation: Read how we helped a major player in aged care and community services successfully undertake significant structural reorganisation.

Aged Care and Community Services

The Challenge

As a result of changes to national legislation to introduce competition into the industry, our client was preparing for a major transformation in terms of structure, service offerings and customer service commitments.

The Group CFO approached Change2020 to help his team prepare for significant organisational restructure through establishing customer service charters, planning workshops, and coaching and team development activities.

As internal service providers, our client was accountable for the back office, legal, procurement, ICT and finance services within the business. Part of the restructure was to integrate three businesses under a single overarching brand with the internal services under the leadership of the Group CFO.

The main challenges were overcoming resistance to change, stretched leadership capability, minimal teaming practices and poor internal customer service provision.

The Process

Leadership coaching was an integral part of facilitating this level of change. We partnered with team leaders to align leadership practices within their individual functions, and develop a customer service charter to establish behavioural and performance benchmarks for how service should be delivered. We also facilitated several workshops to define the strategy and performance standards.

The Outcome

The end result was a single, aligned structure that significantly improved team behaviours and performance. Internal development and the appointment of new talent saw capability standards improve, as did service provisions, which prompted positive comments, engagement and feedback from other parts of the business.

The Key Highlights

The changes to align the new structure have made it easier for our client to make decisions and deliver services to a higher standard than in the past. We consider this a resounding success and continue to work with them to help maintain excellence in team performance and service delivery.

Case Study on Leadership & Culture

Leadership & Culture: Learn how we helped staff and leaders from three council offices create a binding workplace culture after merging into one larger council.

Local Council, NSW

The Challenge

In July 2016, one large council was created from three smaller district councils, bringing staff from the individual councils together as part of a larger organisation.

It was important to develop a new mission and vision statement and set of values (MVV) to align the new organisation and its people led by the general manager and senior management team, the council wanted to take a fresh, collaborative approach to the process. The ultimate aim was to have everyone feeling part of a cohesive team, working toward the one vision.

The Process

Communication was critical to the success of this project. We started with a clear explanation of why developing a new MVV was important and what it would mean for the entire organisation.

We provided coaching to key leaders, interactive facilitation techniques, confidential surveys, and a series of engaging activities and workshops that mixed staff from every level. Team leaders were also equipped with the right tools to embed the MVV into day-to-day activities to ensure the organisation was living the values it worked so hard to develop.

The Outcome

The process we used helped build trust, enhanced relationships and improved knowledge of what all parts of the business do. A new platform for behaviour was developed, along with a new strategic focus, all of which contributed to establishing a fresh, vibrant culture for the new organisation.

The Key Highlights

We were privileged to partner with a business that was open to suggestions and trying something different to develop a fit for purpose outcome that has become part of their standard operations.

The project led to an expansion of the original scope of work and further leadership coaching, as well as the acquisition of new clients referred to us by the council.