About us


Our people are here to help your people

As organisational change consultants, we’re experts in helping people through change. We understand change can be a difficult, frustrating and messy process, which is why we deliver practical and flexible support to help you and your team navigate new territory.

We offer clarity of vision: “2020 vision” when clarity is what you need.

Our experienced team approach every project with complete objectivity, to provide the right advice and tailored solutions to realise your organisation’s vision. Beyond spreadsheet assets, budgets and deliverables, we focus on people. People with feelings, and fears, and ingrained resistance to change.

The success of your transition will depend on how well you can lead your people into the unfamiliar. And helping organisations foster the right mindsets for success is what we do best.

Merging authenticity & accountability

We’re proud to have worked with some of the largest names in the corporate world. The foundation for our success is built on:

  • Flexibility – we evolve and adapt to suit your business needs
  • Authenticity – we are genuine, ethical and act with integrity
  • Curiosity – we listen, interpret and challenge
  • Responsiveness – we get the job done and keep you in the loop
  • Humour – we value creativity, laughter and fun (while always keeping it real)

In building a team that believes in – and lives – these values, we have forged a strong reputation across the nation as change leadership consultants.

Meet our talented leadership team at Change2020

Our fearless leader has spent more than 20 years working with leading Australian and global businesses in the arena of organisational transformation, leadership development and cultural change. Her talent for balancing straight-talking and humour ensures she adds true value to leaders and organisations. When she’s not strategising, coaching, advising or sharing her mantra of “embracing ambiguity”, you can usually find Kerryn on an aircraft or a beautiful beach.

Brad is our M&A, industrial relations and enterprise agreement expert. He’s skilled at developing IR strategies and deploying them with minimal disruption, ensuring clear business benefits. Brad is our go-to guy for due diligence, acquisitions, joint venture integration and divestments. He has partnered with executives, managers, equity partners and legal advisers on a number of projects across Australia in energy, rail, infrastructure, construction, retail and finance industries.

She’s vibrant, energetic and passionate – just the kind of person you want and need to support your team. With a distinguished career in senior executive roles across both the public and private sectors, Maree is a master in creating collaborative environments and knows the paths to building high performing teams. Her super-power? Being able to sort fad from fact at less than 20 paces.

Kellie is our go-to person for when things need to happen. With more than 20 years’ experience in operations management she can always find a way. She loves planning, organising and building people and organisations so they are enabled to perform at their best.  She is passionate about supporting others and is involved in several community organisations.