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Are you a small to medium business needing robust Human Resource Management support? Is your growing company facing challenging HR issues? Are you an HR leader looking for mentoring to navigate complex issues?


Our HR team can help.

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If you have limited or no internal HR support, we can provide top-tier HR expertise to help you navigate the complex Australian HR system while ensuring your business operates seamlessly and continues to thrive. 

More than simply a transactional HR service for startups or small and medium-sized companies, our team of seasoned professionals seek to genuinely understand the drivers of your business and integrate HR support in line with these.


We understand the trials budding HR teams face, particularly when the breadth of HR challenges seems overwhelming for new HR team members, or you are in a rapid growth phase.

That’s why we’re here to complement your in-house team, providing guidance, training, and resources to help you manage these challenges efficiently. Whether your HR department is green or simply understaffed, we’ve got you covered. 


Navigating the HR space can be difficult, particularly when dealing with new or complex workplace challenges.

We offer mentoring for HR leaders who want to upskill and deliver better outcomes for their businesses. With us, you’re not alone: We’ll be there to guide you through every step, helping you to enhance your decision-making capabilities and ensure the well-being of your workforce.


Our service is flexible and tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re a small business seeking to scale, an organisation currently scaling, a company facing HR challenges, or just needing HR support for a defined period, we can tailor the perfect solution for you. 

Your people are the backbone of your company. Provide them with the robust HR support they need to thrive. Let us partner with you as you navigate HR management in your business. Empower your business with our expert HR solutions today. 

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HR Kickstart Kit

The HR Kickstart Kit offers all the essentials needed for your business to establish a compliant, effective HR system and is perfect for startups or small businesses with little to no HR infrastructure. This kit includes templates for policies, job descriptions, contracts, and a tailored guide to HR best practices. 


Essential templates (policies, job descriptions, contracts) and a tailored guide to HR best practices.

Ideal for:

Startups or small businesses with little to no HR infrastructure.

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HR On-Demand

Need regular HR support but aren’t ready to hire a full-time HR team yet? HR On-Demand offers immediate access to our team of HR professionals for advice and support in navigating HR matters. This premium consulting service is ideal for small, growing businesses who need quick and practical advice and support whenever issues arise.


Access to HR professionals for advice and support in navigating HR matters.

Ideal for:

Small, growing businesses needing regular HR support but who aren’t ready to hire a full-time team.

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HR Mentorship Program

Are you an HR leader seeking guidance in addressing new or complex HR issues? Our one-on-one mentorship sessions with our experienced HR experts will elevate your skills. Our mentoring sessions equip HR leaders with the strategies, knowledge, and tools to effectively navigate and resolve HR challenges.


One-on-one mentorship sessions with HR experts. Strategies, knowledge, and tools for navigating HR challenges.

Ideal for:

HR leaders seeking guidance in addressing complex HR issues.

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HR Support and Coaching

Bolster your HR prowess with our HR Support and Coaching. This service is specifically designed to coach HR practitioners in all matters relating to the effective running of the HR function. If you’re part of an HR department or a standalone HR resource, this service will refine your skills and enhance your ability to manage the HR challenges of your business. 


Coaching for HR practitioners in all matters relating to the facilitation of the HR function.

Ideal for:

HR departments or standalone HR resources that would benefit from coaching around the HR discipline.

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HR Project Support

Need HR support for a specific project or a defined period, such as managing recruitment drives, implementing a new HR system, or overseeing a period of company restructuring? Our HR Project Support package delivers experienced HR team members to ensure your project is successful.


HR support for specific projects or defined periods (e.g., recruitment drives, implementing new HR systems, company restructuring).

Ideal for:

Businesses that need HR support for a specific project or defined period.

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In-house HR Support

Does your internal HR team need a helping hand as they scale operations for your business? Our In-house Project Support service is your ideal partner. We provide regular, on-site assistance, seamlessly integrating with your team to provide critical support as your internal capacities develop and grow. Let us become a strategic extension of your workforce, ensuring smooth project execution during ramp-up periods and beyond. 


Regular, on-site support and seamless integration with the internal HR team. Strategic assistance in project execution.

Ideal for:

Businesses that require consistent support to bolster their internal team as they scale operations.


Employee Relations Support

Unlock the true potential of your workforce with our Employee Relations Support. This service provides expert HR guidance on matters where performance, remedial, or disciplinary action may be needed. We will collaborate with you to develop bespoke performance management plans and frameworks that target your team’s key growth areas.

Please note that while our support is extensive, we do not offer legal advice or handle situations with potential accessorial liability.

HR Documentation Design and Development

Fine-tune your business processes with our HR Documentation Design and Development package. We’ll conduct a comprehensive health check on your HR policies and procedures and design new policies, forms, and documentation as required.

Additionally, we’ll assist in deploying and communicating these changes to ensure awareness and compliance across your organisation. The package also includes the development of an HR Board Reporting Framework tailored to your business needs. 

Talent Acquisition Toolkit

Take the guesswork out of hiring with our Talent Acquisition Toolkit. This comprehensive service includes role and skill mapping, position responsibility and accountability scoping, and interview preparation and facilitation.

Plus, we offer support with position advertising, shortlisting, and reference checking to ensure a streamlined recruitment process. Whether you’re hiring one person or a hundred, our toolkit makes the process easier, faster, and more effective. 

Talent Management Suite

Prepare your business for the future with our Talent Management Suite. We’ll help you develop a succession planning framework, create performance scorecards, and partner with you to identify performance objectives to drive the right outcomes.

This holistic approach to talent management ensures that your workforce is engaged, motivated, and aligned with your business goals. 

Employee Engagement Program

Uncover hidden barriers to your workforce’s productivity with our Employee Engagement Program. This service covers the entire engagement survey process, from planning and implementation to analysis and reporting.

We’ll also assist in developing action plans to address the root causes of any identified issues. Please note that while this service is comprehensive, it may involve third-party engagement solutions where necessary. 

Culture Development Package

Cultivate a thriving company culture with our Culture Development Package. We will collaborate with you to align your workforce values, purpose, and behaviours with your organisational strategy.

This service also includes culture deep dives: Short courses on leadership fundamentals that complement your evolving company culture.

HR Transformation Toolkit

Designed for businesses looking to scale, this comprehensive toolkit provides resources, strategies, and support for managing HR in a growing business.

It includes best practices for recruitment, retention, compliance, and employee development during periods of growth. 

HR Compliance Check

This service thoroughly audits a company’s HR policies and practices to ensure they are up-to-date and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
The HR Compliance Check also provides recommendations for improvements where necessary.

Cultural Change Management

Cultural change takes time and requires deliberate effort. This service uses our industry-leading psychometric diagnostic tool “Indicator of Ambiguity (I Am)®” to understand change resistance and plan initiatives that will stick.

Once completed, it is possible to design reliable and data-driven initiatives to help your business evolve.