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Mentoring: Good for Business

Mentoring Young Professionals is Ultimately Good for Business

Over the years, I have met a large diverse group of young professional women who come from a range of backgrounds, industries and jobs. I have chosen to mentor some of these women (or maybe they chose me!) and it has proven to be beneficial for them, for me, and for where they work.

My mentoring work with these young professional women always motivates me; often surprises me and occasionally disappoints me. This range of emotions keeps me on my toes and helps me focus on the importance of working with them to create the future they want.

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The Art of Positive Reflection

Who doesn’t love a Friday afternoon, a time to slide into the weekend, take a breath, reflect on the past week and smile with the knowledge that perhaps a sleep-in is coming your way (if you managed to wrap up the cricket season with the kids!), or a chance to catch-up with friends and chill rather than racing around. These Fridays are even better when it is the end of a month or a quarter – you can really reflect on how things have been going in all facets of your life – did I achieve what I set out to do, have I learnt anything, did I challenge myself, did I make progress?

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