Let’s Talk Trust

2 July 2019

As a consultant with Change2020, I work with a range of different leaders, in a variety of industry sectors.  Some of the challenges they are grappling with are different, but one thing they are all focussed on is fostering trust.  While it is easy to write and say, it is something that takes time to build and no time to erode.

I am very fortunate as I am trusted and feel trusted by my own leader.

What occurs to foster this feeling? 

No one ever asks me what I am doing today or where I have been.  The focus is on outcomes/outputs.  I am held to account for my delivery.  My opinion is sought and listened to.  My leader demonstrates vulnerability and is transparent about how she is feeling or what is going on. My leader also shares learnings and recognises my efforts and contribution.

I also have to hold up my end of things by being “worthy” of being trusted.  Being trustworthy I: do what I say I am going to do; ask for help; consider others; own my mistakes (and importantly learn from them); and understand my strengths and weaknesses.

As the world of work continues to change and team members no longer sit outside the leader’s office, trust will be a foundational and fundamental enabler for successful businesses.  Trust is a two-way currency that will continue to be key as work as we know it evolves.  It requires deliberate nurturing and attention by each and every one of us.

Start by asking yourself what do you do that fosters trustworthiness?

At Change2020 we help individuals and organisations to build and embed trust within teams; a foundational requirement for managing the high degree of uncertainty and ambiguity in our workplaces. We work with people to foster trust, be trustworthy and feel safe to trust others. To find out more about our approach and how we can help you to build and embed trust in your team and organisation, get in touch with us here.

Maree Gardner

Maree has a reputation for distinguishing fad from fact and her ‘no nonsense’ and authentic operating style means she works well with a range of people at all levels across a variety of industries. Energetic and passionate about collaborating with clients while contributing to the achievement of commercial outcomes, Maree partners with companies to grow and improve through people.

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