Adapting to Change in the Agriculture Industry

Innovation in the industry spells good things for the next generation of sugar cane farmers.

Over the last ten years, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Developments in technology have revolutionised whole industries, giving them the tools to function with incredible efficiency. Now, impressive technological and mechanical innovations promise big things for farming and agriculture. As the industry enters this exciting period of new technology, will businesses adopt, adapt or be left behind?

New Tech for Farming and Agriculture

Recently, industry leaders gathered at the Next Gen Sugarcane Conference where innovation, sustainability and profitability in the sugarcane industry was discussed. The conference explored the abundance of technological innovation on the horizon for farming and agriculture industries.

There is now drone technology available to assist farmers in improving crop output. Using this technology, farmers can collect critical information like plant height, health and ripeness with the push of a button. Crop sensors have been developed to allow farmers to gather detailed data on soil conditions, wind, and fertilising and water requirements from sensors on their crops. Soon, there will be software available for monitoring yield, mapping fields and forecasting weather.

Embracing Change

Periods of change can be a frightening, uncertain time for many businesses. Farming is one of the oldest professions, and many have been running off the same business model since their inception. Change can be difficult to comprehend. But businesses that are unable to keep up with change risk being left behind.

It takes a strong business leader to successfully implement and manage change. Business leaders need to mitigate the risk that change can pose to employees, who worry about job security and can often view new technology with suspicion as we move towards automation. They need to be prepared to break habits, lead by example, and build a culture of innovation.

Ultimately, the exciting developments in agriculture will mean great things for the sugar cane industry and farming as a whole. Change is coming inexorably. As always, competition and customers will drive change. Industry players will soon be faced with a choice: embrace new technology and revolutionize farming, or continue using outmoded tactics and fall behind.

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