Remote Working Tip #6

23 March 2020

The Kubler Ross Curve
The necessary changes to our lives, both professionally and personally will be devastating for many people, they will grieve for their loss; loss of routine, loss of comfort and confidence and loss of social connections. Like any form of grief, it will result in a dip in productivity in our workplaces – we need to expect and prepare for that.
• Give people time to adjust to the new way of working – focus this week on setting up home offices and finding a rhythm
• Enable your team to focus on a reduced number of tasks / deliverables (in the short-term)
• Communicate what ‘good looks like’ for each week; helps to manage expectations
• Be available as much as possible via all forms of technology so your people can ‘check-in’ and remain connected; they will want to talk, share their concerns and musings
• Don’t judge; this change will hit many people very hard; grief will be a real emotion for many and grief takes time to heal

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Maree Gardner

Maree has a reputation for distinguishing fad from fact and her ‘no nonsense’ and authentic operating style means she works well with a range of people at all levels across a variety of industries. Energetic and passionate about collaborating with clients while contributing to the achievement of commercial outcomes, Maree partners with companies to grow and improve through people.

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