Humour Champions

4 September 2016

Calling all Humour Champions!

I am proud to work for Change2020 an organisation that has humour, as one of its values.  We embody this value in our creativity, laughter and fun.  We understand the serious nature of our business and the business of our clients and we aim to create working partnerships where great outcomes are achieved in an optimistic, positive, happy and energetic environment.

To me, humour at work does not mean telling jokes or being a stand-up comedian, it is about your mindset, your perspective, how you respond and how you approach tasks and activities.

Andrew Tarvin’s TED talk and Jacquelyn Smith’s Forbes article each identify the benefits of humour at work.  Their research-based evidence supports my own observations of the benefits of workplaces where humour is part of the fabric.

From my experience, as a Humour Champion, the benefits of humour at work include:

  • Enhanced working relationships
  • Less stress and tension
  • Greater engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • Creative problem solving
  • Higher levels of trust
  • Better outcomes
  • Improved culture
  • Perspective is maintained
  • Reduces boredom

So how can you be a Humour Champion (without being a comedian)?

  • Smile
  • Have fun as a team – work out what works for you and your colleagues
  • Opt for positive, not negative
  • Be yourself (be aware of what you find funny or makes you laugh)
  • Be curious and ask questions when things are getting too serious
  • Laugh with others (not at them)
  • Establish a routine to energise the office (particularly at that 3 pm slump) e.g. read a Dilbert cartoon; watch a short you-tube skit

The ambiguous and rapidly changing environment that we are all a part will require more Humour Champions in the workplace.  Give yourself permission to bring humour to the workplace and reap the benefits.

Kerryn Fewster

Kerryn is the Founder and Director of Change 2020. She has consulted extensively in the area of Transition and Transformation. She places emphasis on strategy development and solution implementation to minimise people and operational impacts associated with major change.

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